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Thursday 16 October 2008

Wish for more Skills!

Don’t wish for fewer problems. Wish for more skills!

How often do you wish that you had fewer problems? We all do at some point. But supposing we wished for more skills to deal with those problems instead?

A problem is an issue if we don’t have the resources to deal with it. Whilst many issues are not of our own making, nevertheless knowing that you have the resources to deal with whatever is thrown at you can turn a nightmare situation into a manageable challenge.

Personal and management development can ensure that individuals have the skills they need to deal with difficult situations when they arise. Whether it is dealing with people, budgets, projects, or planning, knowing what to do, who to ask or where to find out the answer can make all the difference.

And for businesses, knowing that their staff are flexible, knowledgeable and competent can make the difference between loss and survival or indeed survival and growth!

Don’t wish for change, change what you wish for.

Don’t wish for less challenge, accept the challenge and wish for more wisdom to both understand and overcome the challenge.