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Thursday 30 July 2009

Five course menu and Drumming!

Just had a great couple of days with a team who chose to create a five course menu and follow it the next day with a drumming session. Great fun had by all.
Not only that they felt that they had got to know each other better and had re-energised as a team.

Wednesday 22 July 2009

Which hat are you wearing?

With all the doom and gloom that has been around, you could be forgiven for wearing your black hat. This looks at all the negatives and what else can go wrong. For many, they seem to be wearing a red hat for anger. Anger with Fat Cats and anger with the politicians. A White hat may keep you aloof and concentrating on the facts and figures, whereas with a Green hat your imagination could run wild. A Blue hat would allow you to summarise everything and tkae a longer term view. Personally I prefer the idea of a Yellow hat. Let's keep things as sunny as possible and find some positives out there!

I used the "Six Thinking Hats" - Edward de Bono