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Thursday 3 September 2009

Manual Handling training made fun

Manual Handling comes under one of those categories where everyone goes "why do I need to know about that!" that is unless they already have a bad back, or have damaged themselves by carrying heavy objects, awkward parcels or recently had an office clear out!

So when we set out to train a group recently, we made sure that not only did they learn some valuable skills which will help them look after their spines and other bits of their skeleton and bodies, but that they also had fun in the process!

So next time you are thinking of moving something heavy or awkward, stop and think:
  • does it need moving?
  • am I the best person to move it?
  • how clear is my route?
    do I need help?
Stay safe and look after yourself!

Find out more in the book Changing the Culture of Manual Handling

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